As part of my Polymath MBA, a 1-year self-education challenge, I am spending the next year dissecting the strategies and thinking frameworks of the world’s best strategists apply them to the areas of online business, thought leadership and personal development. The central question that drives this challenge is:

“How can we achieve asymmetric results with our business and personal development goals by thinking like an investor or world class strategist?”

To answer that question, I analyse marketing, business and personal development strategies through the lens of mental models proven to give you a strategic edge.

Become a Top 1% Thought Leader

Every two weeks, I research and breakdown the strategies the likes of Tim Ferriss, Jordan Peterson, Gary Vaynerchuk used to defy the rules of winner-takes-all markets and become a top 1% thought leader, whilst thousands of others tried and failed?

In-depth strategy breakdowns, no spam ever.